1. "Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be".

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  2. Prozak - We All Fall Down CD Strange Music, Inc Store

    Prozak, another one of my favorite Strange Music artists, recently dropped We All Fall Down and I have heard amazing things about it (what I’ve heard so far is AWESOME!!!). I’ll be giving my complete opinion after I’ve had plenty of time to listen! Do yourself a favor and order it here or get to a Best Buy store and pick it up!

  3. What Tomorrow Brings - E-TRAIN

    What Tomorrow Brings - E-Train… Probably my favorite song of his. I even have “Who knows what tomorrow brings…” tattooed on my left arm. If you’re not familiar with his work educate yourself 

  4. “And Hip-Hop Was Not Yet Platinum Sold”: How “Going Platinum” Has Changed

  5. My Town

    My Town - Angel Davanport

  6. “I Ain’t Went This Hard Since I Was 18”: This Teenage Drake “Cribs” Episode Is Amazing

  7. Tech N9ne - Something Else CD - Pre Sale Ship Date 7/30/2013 Strange Music, Inc Store

    Released today and already being called the best album of 2013 by some… I’ll let you know after I’ve listened to it all the way through. For now, get your regular, deluxe and/or vinyl versions here!!! Strrraaannnge.